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  T A N G   A N D   L E E


Our firm was established in 1991.

We have 4 qualified Solicitors in our firm, who are:-

1. Mr. Tang Chi Chung, Vincent, Partner;
China-Appointed Attesting Officer
2. Miss Koon Wai Yu, Lorinda, Partner

3. Mr. Fung Kam Tong, Stephen, Consultant; and
4. Miss Chow Wai Mee, May, Consultant.

Other than the above 4 qualified Solicitors, we also have over 20 supporting staff, including fully qualified Legal Executives, experienced Litigation Clerks and Legal Secretaries.

We have 5 departments in our firm, which are:-

1. Finance and Administration Department;
2. Litigation Department;
3. Commercial Department;
4. Conveyancing Department; and
5. Probate Department;

For general enquiries,
please kindly contact us by Tel. No: 2815 6669

Our office address is at:
Room 706, 7th Floor, C.C. Wu Building,
302-308 Hennessy Road,
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Fax: (852) 2854 2598
Interchange No.: DX-225018-Wanchai 1